Catering Your Next Event with Grubstak!

You can’t get enough of Grubstak’s yummy food! How about sharing the customized comfort food with friends, family and co-workers?

Check out Grubstak’s catering services for your next get-together or office event.

“Our catering services have really picked up in the last year,” said Grubstak community manager Maria Hertigan. “We get a lot of requests for family get-togethers and office parties along with catering to luxury apartment communities putting on special events for the residents.”

Hertigan said the menu is catered to fit any palate with a variety of items to choose from, including a Power Salad Platter containing kale, quinoa and roasted veggies and a Grub Your Way Platter where you can pick your own grub, sauces and cheeses.

There is even a dessert option to give your guests. Grubstak offers Give Me S’more Bites to top off your event in a very sweet way!

“It’s really exciting to see that the food we serve is expanding outside of the restaurant,” Hertigan said. “It gives people who have never been to Grubstak a chance to experience our food.”

If you’re interested in catering your next event with Grubstak, check out the menu here —