Cold brew in Gilbert

Cold Brew from the Roastery of Cave Creek

You don’t have to go to Cave Creek to taste the exceptional roasted coffee from the Roastery of Cave Creek. Their award-winning coffees come in a variety of roasts from mild to bold and various undertones. Started by Dave and Alison Anderson as a small-scale, boutique business, they have grown to supply many local restaurants and shops with their high-quality coffee beans. Only estate-grown, certified organic beans are used to create one of their 15 different roasts. Although available at Whole Foods in the area, La Grande Orange or the roaster itself, beans can also be ordered online.

One example of a restaurant featuring their beans is Grubstak in Gilbert. As a locally sourced, innovative lunch and dinner spot, Grubstak has been feeding healthy consumers since they first opened their doors. Featuring staks of delicious meats and toppings on a bed of waffle fries or various vegetables, this place is sure to please. Available to wash it all down is a Nitro Cold Brew with beans from the Roastery of Cave Creek. For those unfamiliar with cold brew coffee, the process for brewing replaces heat with time. The cold brewing process brings out the delicious flavor of the beans without extracting bitter oils and fatty acids. What is produced is a slightly less caffeinated product with a much smoother taste. Although it is brewed cold, it can be served hot or on ice.

So, try out Grubstak for their food but also their exceptional cold brewed coffee from the Roastery of Cave Creek. Chances are you’ve already tried their coffee without knowing it and they may become your new regular coffee shop in Gilbert for your morning cup of joe. Roastery of Cave Creek beans can be found elsewhere as well so there are multiple ways to add their award-winning coffee into your routine. Grubstak proudly serves their coffee and pairs fantastically with their desert staks. Hit up Grubstak for your next Sunday brunch in Gilbert and to see what they have to offer, check out