Grubstak Expanding to Chandler!

Owner Colton Grubb is excited to tell customers what they can expect to see when the doors open at the new location in Chandler this fall!

1. How has Grubstak evolved since opening up in December 2016?

Our menu has evolved as we’ve experimented with different ingredient combinations and flavors, but we’ve always remained true to serving fresh, totally customizable comfort food. As a new kind of food concept, it’s expected to have a few tweaks here and there, especially in the first year of business. And while most of our key ingredients are familiar favorites (like waffle fries), preparing dishes in different ways can be intimidating to some folks. So we’ve played up our “Grub Your Way” concept so people can be as creative, indulgent or healthy as they’d like!

Probably the biggest changes to our menu since opening has been growing our weekend breakfast options. Of course having our Chilaquiles featured on the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Food Network show really put our breakfast in the spotlight, but even before the show aired we were surprised to see the popularity of breakfast! Can you believe it wasn’t even in our original business plan? We responded by making a more robust breakfast menu and expanding our weekend hours to open earlier. We’re currently working on even more breakfast items I can’t wait to share with you!

2. What made you decide to open up another location?

Expanding and having Grubstak across the Valley has been my goal since I started working on the concept near the end of ’14. The first step was to get open and have a successful first year of business. We still have other goals for our first location, but after we hit the year mark, I started to feel more comfortable with the idea of expanding. We get asked often by guests if Gilbert is our only location or if we are a franchise, which is always a compliment! Now, we will be able to say there are two locations!

3. Why did you pick Chandler?

We wanted our second location to be relatively close to our first as we are really tied to the East Valley. The Grubstak name and our brand awareness is strong here, plus it’s where my wife and I live. As we hopefully continue to grow it’s important to me to have a strong central foundation. The opportunity at Gilbert Road and Ocotillo Road in Chandler is an absolute perfect match for everything Grubstak embodies.

4. What can customers look forward to at the new location that is different than the original Grubstak?

The Chandler location will have a huge patio! This will provide an opportunity for families to spend time together and hang out with different games and seating options. We’re also including bar seating with more beer and wine options where guests can order directly, eat and watch a game or socialize, which is very different from our current counter service at the Gilbert location. Happy Hour will be more social and right now we’re toying with a new “small bites” menu…

5. When it comes to the menu, can customers expect to see changes at both locations?

We’re always testing new recipes across all our menus and trying out new special items! Right now we’re working on new breakfast options as our weekend mornings continue to grow in popularity, and you can expect to see those changes to our Gilbert location menu soon. The new Chandler menu will offer all the favorites Grubstak is known for and possibly some more – stay tuned to find out!

6. Where do you get the inspiration to change up the menu items?

Simply put, most of the inspiration for new items comes from things I like to eat! Occasionally I’ll see new ideas on TV or social media and relay those to our culinary team to see how we can put a Grubstak spin on it and make it our own. Our culinary team is extremely creative and passionate – they are constantly coming up with new, amazing ideas! Most importantly, they’re true “foodies” at heart and work hard to create new and exciting flavors combinations. We haven’t been able to release all of these great ideas yet, but now with the second location will have more opportunities!

7. What are your hopes for the new restaurant?

We are excited to grow in the East Valley and in a location that has a totally different vibe than the Downtown Gilbert’s bustling Heritage Marketplace. The Ocotillo area in Chandler is more neighborhood and lifestyle focused; a little more relaxed and slower paced. There will be an amazing mix of businesses in the new center including EOS Fitness, Zoyo Yogurt and a Sprouts. We’re hoping the variety will bring in a lot of foot traffic and new customers who have yet to experience Grubstak!