Grubstak Offers Stackable Meals for Customers in Unique Concept

Grilled Cheese with Mac and Waffle Fries - Served daily at GrubstakColton Grubb knew one thing for certain when he was opening Grubstak: He had a unique concept.

He loved stacking his food on a base of something—usually potatoes or fries—and he created his business plan back in 2014 around that idea.

“For our family growing up, dinner was always the most important meal of the day,” Grubb said. “Eating out always reminds me of my parents and sister. That’s what I wanted to create here.”

He opened the first Grubstak location in 2016 in downtown Gilbert followed by the current Chandler location in 2018. While the Gilbert location is no longer, Grubb said the Chandler location draws plenty of regulars every day….

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