All Roads Lead to Grubstak

Gilbert has some of the most walkable areas in the Valley. With manicured paths, abundant water features, nature preserves and parks, it’s easy to work up and appetite no matter if you are by foot, bike or horseback!

So it’s a good thing that Grubstak in Heritage Marketplace is located right along Gilbert’s largest multi-use path, and depending on how motivated you are, you can connect to just about any part of the 135 mile Central Trail System. The robust system, maintained by the Salt River Project, connects many of Gilbert’s best parks and attractions, and is easily accessible from Grubstak’s front steps.

What are you waiting for? Make Grubstak part of your journey!

Western Powerline Trail

The Western Powerline Trail is the bloodline that runs the length of Gilbert from east to west, bordering the Heritage Marketplace center along the – you guessed it – Western Canal. The open and scenic route is popular among serious trail blazers and gingerly strollers alike. Many popular events take place along the Western Powerline Trail, including the 12 K’s of Christmas, plus with all the activity happening at Heritage Marketplace, there is plenty to find just off the path.

Best part is, you can access the Western Powerline Trail from Grubstak, or enjoy our covered, dog-friendly patio to refuel.

Head East…

Freestone Park (1.2 walking distance from Grubstak)

Take Western Powerline Trail due East from Grubstak and in less than a mile you’ll arrive at Freestone Park,  88 developed acres of multipurposed facilities nestled along Lindsay Road. There’s something for everybody with the park’s two lakes (stocked for fishing), tennis, volleyball, basketball and softball courts, as well as batting cages, a skate park, playgrounds and picnic areas.

There is even an amphitheater where concerts are held in the cooler months, and the Freestone Railroad Park, where kids can ride a mini Santa Fe style engine, catch a waterless wave runner or take a spin on a classic carousel.

Freestone Park is also where you can connect to the first north/south vein of the Central Trail System, the Consolidated Canal, but we suggest you keep heading East to find….

Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch (3.9 walking distance from Grubstak)

Located on the southeast corner of Greenfield and Guadalupe Roads, Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch is the largest wildlife preserves in Gilbert spanning 110 acres, 70 of which make up the Preserve’s seven water recharge basins. Home to nearly 300 species of birds (and is considered the premier bird watching facility in the Phoenix metro area), fish, amphibians, reptiles, and other desert dwellers, Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch is a great spot to escape city life without leaving town!

Take a hike on the more than 4.5 miles of trails through dedicated vegetative zones, artfully landscaped gardens, a paleontology dig site, and the Valley’s only astronomy observatory open to the public every Friday and Saturday evening until 9:30 p.m.

Head West…

Neely Ranch Riparian Preserve (1.5 miles away)

Have your compass set due West? Back to Grubstak as a starting point, take an about-face and head west and you’ll soon arrive at the Neely Ranch Riparian Preserve, a quick 1.5 straight shot on the Western Powerline Trail, just east of Cooper Road.

Unlike the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch, much of Neely Ranch Riparian Preserve’s 72 acres is restricted to public access, but the paths do offer several viewing ramadas that overlook the Preserve’s 11 ponds rippling with birds and other wildlife.